I’m Chris Cham from ASEAN countries, for the past few months I’m been traveling around these few countries and so I figure the best place to introduce myself is ASEAN. This is my first blog and hope to share / give what been the tradition of Internet is … sharing without boundaries.

Published on March 2, 2009 at 11:21 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. Chris – I really like your site, but you have a slight problem – Your sub-heading, “LET YOUR DREAM COMES ALIVE ALWAYS” is not proper English.


    would be better



    would be best.

    your twitter friend, @adedinc

    P.S. Is that pic on your website about “I’m Good in Bed” your copyright property or just something cool you found. I would like to get permission to use it for my Twitter Background. In exchange, I would be happy to RT your tweets and tweet your site periodically, when I’m available.

    • Thanks for the comment headline. It really sound better.
      P.s. The pic “I’m good in bed”, i got it from one my friend’s email. I just thought it’ll be cool to share it rather than sit on my email.

  2. Hi Chris:

    I found you on CNET’s Top Smartest People in Social Media list. Congratulations. 

    New at CES this year is a sort of speed dating for tech products who want to meet reporters on 1/6 at the Encore. It’s called http://www.ConsumerProductEvents and is a very exclusive way for products to meet reporters and reporters to get great in depth interviews without the CES craziness. Was created by the author of the http://www.PRHandbookforEntrepreneurs.com and product launch PR maven, moi (owww, hard to pitch myself!).

    I’m telling you this, because:

    A. I’d love for you to come if you’ll be at CES and
    B. There are a few spots open for products that want to be there.


    • First of all, thanks. I think your events is smart and great. Your invitation is flattening, let me see what can be done. I’ll let your know soonest.

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