Happy World Osteoporosis Day

Observed as the World Osteoporosis Day in which fall today tuesday 20th October 2009. The purpose is to create awareness and tackling this rising factors that lead to osteoporosis. Most of them being elderly and women.


What’s is that?
It’s a condition that affects our bones making them thin and weak. “Osteoporosis is a disease of bone that leads to an increased risk of fracture.” according to wikipedia. It’s a natural process, When people get older, we lose certain portion of bone. In which to cause the bones to become thinner. The bones become somehow fragile and more likely to break.


Doctors point out to us that bones are repaired & then reinforced by a range of proteins and minerals. In which are absorbed from the bloodstream. They will include calcium, phosphorus, proteins & amino acids .

Secondly the growth of sex hormones which controls how much the amount of mineral substance being deposited in our bones. So whenever there is a changes in our hormone level, it can affect the strength of our bones automatically.


More on Osteoporosis click here

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Probably change the way you drive

The first time I saw this, it give me a chilling feeling. Just be careful, this may make you drive a little slower.

BTW, This video contains some graphic scenes.

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