Careful Google AdWords is Banning Advertisers

Currently, there are many angry advertisers since banning began over the weekend. Many Google Adwords advertisers are getting automated emails from Google which looks like this:
“Your Google AdWords account has been suspended due to multiple submissions of poor quality landing pages. We are unable to revoke your account suspension, and we will not accept advertisements from you in the future.”

Some with warnings that they have submitted too many “poor quality landing pages” but others just simply has been permanently banned from using Google AdWords with no warning at all.

Is this some kind of mistake or bug or virus going around Google?So far, Google AdWords representative didn’t had a chance to clarify in on what is happening here.

Also the new AdWords interface does not work with Opera instead recommended in using Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, or Chrome to manage your AdWords campaigns.

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I’m great in …


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Serenity Scenery


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The Happy Round

Follow The Arrow

Happy map

Happy map

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