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Google Are Predicting You!

“For each trends sequence of interest, we take a point in time, t, which is about a year back, compute a one year forecasting for t based on historical data available at time t, and compare it to the actual trends sequence that occurs since time t. The error between the forecasting trends and the actual trends characterizes the predictability level of a sequence, and when the error is smaller than a pre-defined threshold, we denote the trends query as predictable”


What does it matter to us? Search trends can be useful for advertisers, marketers, economists and scholars. Giving us new perspective into world and what we searches on a daily basis.

“We were therefore interested in the following questions:
How many search queries have trends that are predictable?
Are some categories more predictable than others? How is the distribution of predictable trends between the various categories?
How predictable are the trends of aggregated search queries for different categories? Which categories are more predictable and which are less so?
To learn about the predictability of search trends, and so as to overcome our basic limitation of not knowing what the future will entail, we characterize the predictability of a Trends series based on its historical performance. In other words, we estimate the a posteriori predictability of a sequence determined by the error of forecasted trends vs the actual performance.”

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Social Media Are Tranforming YOU

Social media are transforming you into someone with influence. Marketers join in the communities so as to influence followers in creating brand awareness and creating sales.


“More than six in 10 (61%) US marketing and advertising executives believe that marketing teams within organizations have greater influence on business decisions now than they did three years ago, in part because of their leading-edge use of social media.”

The surveyer goes on to say…

“Companies increasingly recognize the value that marketing and creative teams can provide in terms of finding innovative solutions to business problems,” said Megan Slabinski, executive director of The Creative Group. ‘In the current economy, especially, many businesses must reinvent themselves, and marketers can play an instrumental role in helping their firms identify and fill emerging needs.'”

Slabinski added that social media programs, which are often overseen by marketing and communications professionals, may increase the pull these staff members have in an organization. ‘Many marketers are interacting directly with customers and clients through Twitter, Facebook and other social media, which gives them immediate, firsthand knowledge of how the firm’s products and services are perceived and can be improved upon.'”

Another said: While marketers should externally target online influencers to improve ROI for their brands, the feedback that they glean through their own social media interactions is equally important to Brand ROI because it can be leveraged internally to improve brands to make them more attractive to buyers, or to create new solutions that will be profitable among buyers.

Said another way, by interacting with their audiences through social media tools, platforms and programs, marketers can gain more influence among management teams and other departments inside their companies (which are sort of like their own “communities”).

When you are in The Social Web you’re on the front lines. You gain a direct line to your market because of active monitoring, discussing and learning all about the market’s interests, actions, preferences and finally needs. Mostly that’s the way to market your company to prospective customers together with information and feedback from prospective.They are more willing to share with you what needed to change within your own company. That’s the best part willingness to be a part of your company.

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pancake party!


I can’t do pancake at all, however I luv them. Yummy.
If you can’t do pancake or in big volumne, this will bring sadness and confusion out. I stumble upon ChefStack, it’s a giant, automated machine with internal rollers, which did only pancakes (roughly 200 per hour). I find it hard to believe. This machine seems to be targeted at restaurants, for $3,500. My thoughts, maybe we can open our own pancake kiosk! I just thought it’s cool to share with you.

here’s the link

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